Linqua Franqa Debuts Their Title Track, “Bellringer”

Linqua Franqa’s latest features the revolutionary putting themselves in the shoes of Latasha Harlins, the young woman who was murdered senselessly by a store clerk in 1991. For those who need a refresher, Harlins’ murder was but one of several that, when combined with the repercussions of the Rodney King case, set off the powderkeg of tensions that led to the 1992 LA protests and riots. Franqa’s vocals and lyrics are fiery, as they should be, and demand change in the face of racism. It’s a terrible thing that we’re still out here, thirty-plus years later, fighting for the same equalities and rights that we were in 1992.

In fact, and pardon my profanities, it’s fucked up to the highest degree.

The song, “Bellringer,” feels like a Rage Against The Machine-esque track which details both how Harlins and her murderer are alike (in that they were both women, both minorities and so on) than different. The second verse takes a different path, discussing how traumas can manifest, giving a nod to generational traumas and their effects on the Black community–while also discussing some of the traumas Harlins saw in her short life. How can we heal from these traumas, Franqa seems to question, when we’re constantly being bombarded with more foolishness and abandonment of humanity on a regular basis.

Combine this one with “Wurk” and you’ve got the mood for their album, which is due out in April. The Bellringer album (and by extension Linqua Franqa themselves) won’t go to play by the rules, won’t respectfully ask for a shred of decency. No, the time for asking is over. At this point, it’s time for action. Franqa understands that and puts every ounce of revolutionary spirit they have into their work.

Check out the fiery visuals for “Bellringer” below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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