A Sacred Soul Double Play with Dedicated Men of Zion and Johnny Ray Daniels

I’ve been getting a lot of spiritual music over the last few months (thank you, SubmitHub, because I do love giving God His just due in making me who I am as much as the next person). Today, I received two releases from Bible & Tire Recording Company from two different but similar musical entities. We have “A Change Is Gonna Come” from the Dedicated Men of Zion and “I Shall Not Be Moved” from fellow sacred soul singer (and father of some of the Dedicated Men) Johnny Ray Daniels.

Now, “A Change Is Gonna Come” is a bit more upbeat and brings to mind Motown soul in its approach. Meanwhile, Daniels’ song is a more bluesy take on standing up and chasing out the devil from around him. Put them both together and you’ve got a sacred soul double play for any modern gospel fan or just purveyor of good music. I’m here for both songs because, as mentioned in the intro, I love thanking God for all He’s done for me and I love/necessitate keeping the devil off of me because I’m not here for the foolishness that some of us may be ready to do. However, though they’re similar in message, their execution is a bit different.

Daniels’ voice is rich and husky, like in a BB King sort of way. Meanwhile, the Dedicated Men of Zion sound more aligned with The Temptations. Both are great by themselves, but you put them back to back and you’ve got a throwback vibe unlike many others. Either way, you’re getting a great musical lesson and two incredible songs that strive to keep you in a positive, God-embracing sort of way. Check out both songs below and remember to thank God for all that He’s done for you in your life.

Speed on the Beat

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