Johnny Ray Daniels Reaffirms that God is Able to Keep Us Going

Sacred soul singer Johnny Ray Daniels‘ “God is Able” is the palette cleanse I needed today, considering I’ve heard a lot of darker songs in my submissions today. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with secular music. As you know, most of what I write about–and personally perform–is secularly-based. That said, sometimes, you just need some righteous wisdom to help see you through your day.

As I’ve mentioned before, I absolutely love his voice and devotion. I also love the fact that this song reminds me of the gospel I grew up on with my mom. Explicitly, it reminds me of the times we were in church. Admittedly, that wasn’t as often as I probably should’ve/could’ve been, but my relationship with God is one that’s stronger than a building. That’s also what I get from Daniels’ song, which is also reminiscent of classic 1960s soul. Think along the lines of Otis Redding, for example. If you’re in need of a palette cleanse, one that will remind you how God is good all the time (and how all the time, He is good), please give this one a listen.

Speed on the Beat

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