Fatlip and Blu Discuss “Street Life” with MC Eiht

Over a Knxwledge-produced instrumental, Fatlip, Blu and MC Eiht talk about the perils and the highs of street life, as to warn the next generation to not go down that path. It may seem glamourous if you know no better, but it’s not. As Blu raps, “niggas end up in the hamper tryna end up in the Hamptons,” after all. It’s good to see these three legendary artists speaking their truths in a blunt, but bluesy sort of way. They’ve all amassed a large amount of knowledge and aren’t afraid to let it be known, just like their forefathers.

This one features on Fatlip & Blu’s Live From the End of the World project, which is due out in about a month’s time. “Street Life” also follows “Good For The Soul” in terms of releases from the project, so that’s a powerful 1-2 punch if I’ve ever seen one. I was excited for this album off that first cut, but hearing this one? Yeah, I’m doubly psyched to see what the duo have in store for listeners.

Check out the visualizer for “Street Life” below and support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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