Shyland Flowers and Milah Present “Waste Ya Life”

Shyland Flowers and Milah trade bars on “Waste Ya Life” like a mix of Phonte, Cole, Rapsody and Queen Latifah. The lyrics are hard and full of punchlines and quoteables over the minimalistic boombap beat. They straight-up say that trying to silence them or their goals is a waste of time and energy. Instead of hating on the duo or trying to bring them down, naysayers should get their money—and their bars—up to the level of the duo on this song. It’s positive hip-hop

I’m here for that, because it’s braggy (to an extent). In addition to the brags, they manage to back it up with their lyricism and ability to float and flow effortlessly over the beat presented. Not a single bar is wasted or spat without reason. If you’re here for hip-hop that’s fun, but also has that edge of “I will bust you in the face if I need to, though I prefer nonviolence,” check this one out.

Personally, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. It’s sonically sound, for starters. Then, the visuals are a lovely throwback to the 90s without getting stuck in the 90s. To top it all off, the duo of Shyland Flowers and Milah have a brother/sister sort of vibe, possibly because they both got it out the mud. Check out “Waste Ya Life” and support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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