Neweye Presents the Abstract “Psychedelic Sally Metric Modulation”

Over about one minute, forty-five seconds, Neweye’s “Psychedelic Sally Metric Modulation” takes us through a variety of sounds, tempos and waves. It never really opts to sticking with just one energy. Instead, “PSMM” opts to cycle between boombap, psychedelic R&B and trip-hop. By doing this, the artist behind this one gives listeners a lot to chew on in a short amount of time. Everything hits you one-by-one and at once at the same time.

It’s truly something to behold because it’s abstract as hell but still manages to catch a vibe throughout the track. I’m intrigued by Neweye and what they may have in store in the future (outside of the parent project to “PSMM,” the aptly-titled Lil Left Foot Fresh). That’s because, as much as I don’t post about hyper-abstract projects on SOTB, I do enjoy listening to stuff that’s a bit out there at times. Neweye originally submitted the intro to this project, but I passed on it. However, after checking out the entire album, I see where Neweye was going with it.

Check out “PSMM” below and support dope music in all its forms.

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