Sir Jon Lee Presents “Girls Love Blue”

Below, we’ve got the February release of Sir Jon Lee’s “Girls Love Blue.” The song, which features Norealle and TW3NTY-K, delves deep into the idea that men need to be and should be more vulnerable around women. I’m here for that message because, truth be told, it’s something I’ve struggled with in my younger days. I

thought I always had to be emotionless because that’s how my father was. I thought that I failed every time I showed honest emotion to a woman. For instance, my crush on a certain young woman in high school became toxic because I was so caught up with not showing much emotion that I ended up showing way too much emotion.

That thinking made my life–and the relationships that popped up during my youth–miserable. It wasn’t really until I met the mother of my children that I was able to let my guard down. And, let me tell you: even if you don’t end up staying with the person who opens you up emotionally, the weight lifted off your shoulders after you become more open? Bruh…it’s a beautiful thing.

Now, back to the song, “Blue” is a fun track that speaks on some not-so-fun things. Jon and his features sing the perfect song for letting one’s emotions finally free. Check out the visuals below and support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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