ANTH Presents “So Many Reasons” with Twista and Corey Nyell

On “So Many Reasons,” the latest song from ANTH featuring Corey Nyell and the legendary Twista, we quite literally get many reasons why ANTH/Twista and their partners shouldn’t be together except the one we’d expect. They’re still willing to work through all the BS because the love is stronger than anything else. Now, this isn’t a case of someone being dickmatized or anything. No, this is a case of two people who may butt heads coming to an agreement that being together is far less toxic than breaking up and being apart. I feel that, truly, because there’ve been times where I’ve said that to people. Does it always work out in the end? No, not at all–unless both parties are able to put the BS to the side and work on themselves and each other. I think that’s what’s happening on “So Many Reasons.” Yes, there are reasons why things should end, but there’re more reasons why things should continue–but better.

What makes this one special, besides the honesty presented, is a fire verse from Twista. As many years deep in the game as he is, you’d expect him to rest on his laurels and coast through a feature. Thankfully, that’s not the case here–or anywhere–as Twista adds more emotion to an already deep song. Twista is one of my all-time faves, so I’m always down for a verse from him. If you want your discussions about romance and love with a twist (pun slightly intended), check out the song.

The video features the trio of artists in a warehouse of sorts, which may be seen as representative of “putting in the work” in a relationship. It could also just be that it was a cool aesthetic for a song about working through the BS. Either way, the visuals work. Check them out below and support dope music in all its forms. You never know who’ll pop up on SOTB.

Speed on the Beat

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