Matt Nye Gets Deep with “You Hurt Me”

Matt Nye’s latest finds the artist going deep and emotionally raw on “You Hurt Me.” This one is a song that’s “less about dealing with grief and more about screaming at ghosts.” I’ve been there, more than some of you may know (especially if you’re a late-adopter of SOTB as a site for your musical needs).

The first few years after Mama Young died, I was in Matt’s shoes. Specifically, I felt a lot of the same “why’d you have to go when I needed you the most” vibes that Nye unfurls on “Hurt.” Losing a parent sucks and there’s no real quick bandage to get through it. As I mentioned when discussing Soran’s latest, while death is normal, it’s one of those things that never stops hurting. It just begins to hurt less and you start to deal with it better and less emotionally.

“You Hurt Me” is buoyed by melancholy instrumentation, especially guitars. This is a very powerful song, one that’ll make you want to reach out to your family that you don’t talk to as much–as well as stopping past your fam’s resting place (if you’ve lost someone). It’s the type of music I love and will always give a spin over here on SOTB. Check it out below and support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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