Money Making Wize Revamps “Air Force Ones” for the 2020s

Now, y’all know me. I tend to stay away from trap and trap-adjacent songs. That’s more so because there’re a lot of sites dedicated to trap-esque sounds on the internet. I like trap-esque vibes, but I don’t tend to post about them on SOTB.

However, there’s something about Money Making Wize’s “Air Force Ones” that screams “listen to this track” like it was produced by Drumma Boi or something. It could be the way the track flips “Air Force Ones” and updates the beat for the 2020s. It could be that I just love sneaker rap. I think it’s somewhere in between the two. That’s mainly because Nelly’s version inspired an entire generation to rock the Ones; it’s one of those songs that sticks with you, regardless your–or the song’s–age. Wize gets that and modernized the whole concept for new ears.

Wize’s version traps the beat up a bit but still keeps the overall feel and energy of the OG version. Air Force Ones are still one of the best shoes Nike’s ever dropped (to me), so I love the energy here. I also just love the approach Wize takes on the track. He lets it be known that he and his people “don’t rock no Gucci and [they] never cop no Balmain,” instead opting for the black or white Ones. If you want a trip down memory lane that refreshes a classic, check this one out below and support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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