NADUH Presents “On Venus”

I got pitched this song as such: “imagine Warren G mixed with the Spice Girls.” In other words, I expected a song that was G-Funk-influenced mixed with poppy vibes that were very pro-women. That’s essentially what I got with “On Venus,” the latest from Canadian rap/R&B group, NADUH. The song reminds me of a blend of the aforementioned artists with an edge reminiscent of an Ari Lennox.

I love the message of this song, which surrounds the group and those who listen in an aura that puts “Venus before penis.” What that means is essentially like “bros before hoes,” but less demeaning. The song and the accompanying video is pro-women, pro-friendship and just an overall good song, one that’ll have you humming along but also taking the messages to heart. I also love the fact that these five women are working together to put positivity and unity into the world. They’re defying the stereotype that women can’t collaborate with each other without there being some sort of “cattiness” involved–and I’m here for it. I also like the fact that the group is multicultural as much as it’s multifaceted.

If you’re like me and want some booming, feministic-friendly vibes for the weekend, check this one out and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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