SOTBMusic Quickies Vol. 56, 6/17/22

Happy Friday! We made it. This week has been eventful for me, but–as promised–here’s our Friday Quickies post. Sorry if they’re not as long as you’d like.

Emmitt Dupree – “Hours Make Ours”

A cover has to hit a lot of marks to get a post from me. Emmitt Dupree’s “Hours Make Ours” cover is beautiful, solid and even has a bit of solitude to it. Plus, his voice! It’s top-tier and is made even better by the acoustic version of the song.

Mekazazzo – “Set Me Free”

I love the vocals and sound of this one as well. I love the soulfulness of the production, as it reminds me a bit of something you’d hear from a Dilla. I also like the visuals; they’re pretty throwback as well, peeling back the layers to show the methods behind the madness.

theDeeepEnd – “Fortunate”

I like that this song is therapeutic. He wants to share how music has helped save him from darkness. Sometimes, you need to purge those negative feelings and move upward.

MRK SX and Elzhi – “Zen”

Boombap about finding peace? Sign me up. Add that to the fact that both artists here have a great hold over their flows and the like and you’ve got an incredible track. Check it out.

Zig9y – “Mirror On The Door”

I like that this one reminds me a bit of a Mac Miller sort of track, one that finds Zig9y talking about some of the things that he’s been through over the last few years. Another emotionally-charged song, “Mirror” is one of those songs that you need to hear.

Arlissa – “Take”

A song about getting out of a relationship that was draining, “Take” is equally sexy and bold. It’s one of those songs that speaks on the anger stage of grief, but finds her regaining her power and love for herself. This will be on her upcoming The OPEN-HEARTED album that’s dropping at the end of 2022.

rei brown and Lecx Stacy – “White Honda”

A song that tells a story of vulnerability through a bop of sorts, “White Honda” invites “listeners into a safe, loving place where they can freely be themselves and find themselves.”

RAHH – “Okay”

A song from RAHH’s debut EP I Told You We’d Be Famous, which dropped today as well, “Okay” is powerful and acts as a “melancholic soundtrack to our bad life decisions and contradictory behaviors.” It’s one of those songs that grabs you by the heart and says, well, we’re gonna be okay.

Onyi Moss – “Lost Sheep”

A throwback of sorts to the “lost era of classic singer-songwriters,” “Lost Sheep” is one of those songs that feels like church while “confronting the constant guilt that emerges whilst trying to exist in the world.” The instrumentation is incredible, as it takes you on a ride and tells you that you’ve sometimes got to look within in order to find your piece of peace.

Vice Verses – “Count on Me”

Featuring Big OX, Prolific Wone and Slaine, the visuals from the dearly departed rhymesayer featuring nighttime footage of NYC. It’s done in a way to show that even though Verses isn’t here on this plane, his influence to those he touched and those who loved him as a human and artist will always remain. This song will appear on Vice’s posthumous release The Crown, which is due out on next Thursday. Check it out when it drops.

Breez – “Leo (DiCaprio)

Hampton, VA based artist Breez’s latest is, to put it bluntly, a track that compares his rise to that of Leonardo DiCaprio. I like the production here as well. The Pro Knows Music-produced song is lyrical AF and hard-hitting as well. Brother’s got bars for days.

Guilty Simpson – “Go Where I Please”

I got grabbed by this one’s chorus, which is cut by DJ Ragz and features a reference to classic wrestler Iron Sheik. Add that in with a booming menacing beat and a crapton of lyricism and you’ve got a song you need to check out for sure. It’s lyrical as hell and reminds me of that gritty ish I grew up with. This one appears on Guilty’s Guilt album, which seems to be showing the Detroit legend making music that’s both timely and timeless.

Mickey DAZE – “Shook Ones ’22”

Another lyrical exercise sort of track, Mickey’s “Shook Ones ’22” pays homage to the Mobb Deep song and also shows a lot of growth and ambition. I absolutely love the production on this track as Sypooda’s beat allows Mickey to just float and flow.

RZN8R and Xander Beltran – “Thought of It”

A song about “searching for ideals and being infatuated with…idea[s]” versus the realities we should seek, “Thought of It” is a song that gets you moving. It also makes you want to stop wearing rose-colored shades and actually just go and see life for what it really is.

Ev Malone – “The Journey”

A song that finds us finding out a bit out about Ev’s past, “The Journey” is a song that finds him looking back at the past while looking forward to the future. His flow here is also a thing of beauty because it reminds me of Philly hip-hop mixed with NYC rap and a bit of midwest grit. In other words, it’s all over the place–in the best way possible.

Anastasia Felicity – “Midnight in Paris”

This one reminds me a bit of SZA and Summer Walker. It’s also one of those songs that equally has a bit of love, lust and uncertainty in there for good measure. Plus, Felicity’s vocals are beautiful and “chef’s kiss” worthy.

Sara Diamond – “Not All Fun is Forever”

This is a song that seemingly embraces a bit of the “good time not a long time” philosophy. That is, it also does so while reflecting on people that are only around for a season. She admits that even if it hurts in a way for them to leave (and sometimes, for them to stay), it’s a necessary pain for her to grow and mature into the person she wants to be at the end of the day.

Goldmine, Hue Hinton and Nicky Ra – “Celebrity Apprentice”

A posse cut of sorts, this one finds the trio just letting their souls go over soulful production. It reminds me of early Mac in the best way possible. It’s one of those cuts that finds you bobbing your head while also just vibing with the energies presented here.

Yell Ell – “The Real”

I like this one because it’s got a real throwback Ye vibe mixed with a bit of Dipset. In other words, it feels like my high schools years, minus 3XL tees and men’s capris. I also just like that it talks about making the best of any situation and creating good music and good vibes throughout.

Wolfy – “Butterfly”

Love shouldn’t come with conditions. However, sometimes it does. That’s not the type of love anyone really wants. Wolfy understands this and created an anthem for those desiring true real love. Sonically, she sounds a bit like Billie Eilish.

Sugi Dakks – “Normal Sucks”

It’s a song for the eccentrics and those who don’t give a damn if their existence offends closeminded mother[lovers, to keep it PG-13]. It bounces all over the place kind of like a mix between Childish Gambino and JPEGMAFIA. In other words, if you like your “accept me as I am” hip-hop with an edge that’s abrasive and says that, well, “normal” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, this one’s for you.

Weapons of Mass Creation – “Vices”

I first fell in love with this song because of the fact that the group’s name is positive AF. I stayed because it’s a neo-soul-meets-boombap song that speaks on letting go “what no longer serves us” and not giving up on love. Sonically, it reminds me of a mix of D’Angelo and Erykah Badu.

Jitta on the Track – “The Jittsons”

While this one’s a bit more mainstream than I typically feature, I’m a fan of the Simpsons spoof visuals and the energy it exudes. It’s good stuff. Check this one out before Disney catches it and removes it from the universe.

And on that note, I’ll holla next week. Check these out and support dope music in all its forms.

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