SOTBMusic Quickies Vol. 55, 6/14/22

Happy Tuesday Evening SOTBMusic Faithful. As I mentioned on IG, I may start scaling back the amount of Quickies that drop per week. However, the feature of the site isn’t going anywhere, just changing a bit. For Quickies that don’t hit on Friday’s posts, I’ll release a playlist of sorts with a few words about the songs in the list/vibes expected from the playlist.

For today’s Quickies, we’re delving into love songs and song with a lot of love to them. Love comes in many forms. Some is romantic, some platonic, some just the love of a dream, some love is the type of love for an entire gender of people and wanting them to win. Love is universal, kind and makes us better–even if it’s a bit tough at times. Today, we’re going to get new tracks from artists such as:

  • Jordan Jones (his “Flawless” reminds me of a mix between Bruno Mars and Bieber with a bit of Musiq Soulchild in there)…
  • Proper Einstein (his “The Path” reminds me of Bieber a bit too with a healthy dose of Mac Miller)…
  • Matt Nye and Mark Vasquez (their “Blowing in the Wind” is a middle finger to those who don’t love us like we think they do. However, it’s also a song that finds Matt trying to find love for himself in the face of losing his father)…
  • Cara Nicole (her “Out of the Blue” is an alt-pop tour de force that speaks on love through the lens of nostalgia, especially that “out of the blue” love) and…
  • Kailaya (her visuals to the powerful “Outrageous”–along with the song–find her embracing her sexual identity and detailing her coming out story)

If this works out, I may start featuring more playlists on the site outside of Quickies. I love music and I love writing, but sometimes I need to give my fingers a break. Fingers crossed that you like the Terrell Suggs edition of Quickies and that you support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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