SOTBMusic Quickies Vol. 64, 7/28/22

Happy Thursday everyone! Since it’s a day that ends with “y” that isn’t Saturday or Sunday, you know what that means! A new volume of Quickies is ready to smack you in the earholes. We’ve got an eclectic mix for this volume, which is par for the course.

We’ve got:

  1. smooth R&B that brings artists like Jill Scott and H.E.R. to mind (for example, the lovely track from Liv Averie, “Flowers in June [The Moon],” which also sounds like something you’d get from Marsha Ambrosius)…
  2. Sensual pop-tinged R&B that feels like a mix between dancehall, Afrobeat and throwback R&B. An example would be the bouncy and sexy “Dangerous” by Arei Moon, which has visuals that make it know that Moon is one to watch, due to her presence and powerful vocals. Another example is the sensual “Save Your Love” from AV Allure, which blends Afrobeat vibes with ’90s R&B feels. On top of this, we’ve got…
  3. more Weeknd-meets-Brent Faiyaz-esque R&B. Examples of this include the melancholy-but-still-hopeful “Gone Forever” from Isco Cruz, the alt-pop anthem “One Life” from Ryvox, a Canadian artist who sounds like a mix between Joji and The Weeknd, down to the layered vocals and Armani Jackson’s “Roll With Us” (a track that sounds like a mix between Post Malone and Rae Sremmurd, sort of like “Sunflower” in a way). We’ve also got…
  4. funk-soul with a twist, such as the throwback Righteous St” by Australian group the Steven Hensby Band. This one has a vibe which sounds very Motown-meets-60s Brit Pop-like in its approach to old-school vibes. I’ve also linked to the visual, which is a happy dose of throwback as well. And as always, I have…
  5. a healthy dose of bars and lyricism, from love songs with substance such as the JP-Tale/Two Time collaboration “My Baby,” which features a soulful production that reminds me of mid-2000s Roc-a-Fella R&B/rap stylings mixed with a bit of Chance the Rapper or J. Cole. Another highlight is the throwback breakup anthem “Carry On” from Hookmonger, Dayna Madison, Sham Blak and King Brown (which features the artists detailing how their love(s) faltered in a way that’s both honest and a bit funny, which adds to the relatability of the song). On top of these, there’re a healthy helping of mental health awareness bars such as the emotional “Feel Something” from Dennis Moonlight (which is one of those tracks that deals distinctly with the artist’s battle with depression and numbness).

    Additionally, we even have a track from SOTBMusic alum Mike Melinoe with “Cliches,“Cliches” is a bombastic track about trying to maintain what makes one unique in a sea of clones. On top of that, we get some celebrations of culture such as Chow Mane’s “What’s My Name,” which is as trippy visually as it is profound and fun lyrically. But a Quickies wouldn’t be complete without some…
  6. jazzy R&B, such as Taiwanese artist 9m88’s “Whatchu Gonna…?,” which has an amazing visual that features the artist and several dancers doing mundane tasks in a way that promotes personal growth and maturation in a world where that sometimes falls to the wayside for others’ situations. It’s one of those tracks that’ll get stuck with you because of its honest as well as its bop factor.

Of course, that’s not all that’s in this volume of Quickies. Heck, the eclectic nature of Quickies allows you to hear some boombap one song, and alt-pop the next, followed by a punk-R&B mashup. It’s a beautiful thing, if we’re being real, because Quickies are for everyone, just like music in general. Check out the Quickies for this volume above and support dope music in all its forms.

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