mchngdrms Presents the Bouncy “Bi-Coastal”

Taking the title of a Peter Allen track (I’ve always been partial to “One Step Over the Borderline” myself), mchngdrms reps for the East and the West on “Bi-Coastal.” The artist, whose name is pronounced “Machine Dreams” has a real West Coast vibe while blending East and West Coast hip-hop lyricism and flows. The end result is a track that’s equally a bop and a conscious look at hip-hop from these coastal regions. It doesn’t damn the sound, instead loving the sound and making a track that everyone can agree is a solid track. This holds a special place in drms’ heart, as it was written while he lived in LA during the beginning of the COVID pandemic. It shows love for the East and the West, while blending everything to make, again, a bop.

I’m curious to see what the parent EP of “Bi-Coastal,” the recently-released Quarantine Chronicles, sounds like. The same goes for the rest of his discography. If it’s anything like this, it’ll be a favorite for listeners who want something different. I’ve included a link to the entire EP (which is, as of now, only available on Soundcloud). Check out “Bi-Coastal” and the EP below and support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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