Jae Amends Speaks on His Father in the Emotional “Waves”

The song “Waves” is one of those emotional tracks that deals with familial ties. Given that my stepfather was more of a father to me than my biological, I know how things can get on that end. My father, even though he was a jerk about a lot of things, I know he loved me–in his own way. However, my stepfather’s love is more natural, more authentic. It’s, truthfully, more unconditional, as is my love for him. After all, my stepfather was the person who took me and my mom in when we were couch-surfing in the late ’90s, early 2000s.

Jae’s song is a DIY track about looking back on the memories with his father and trying to make sense of everything. I’ve been there. In fact, that’s why this song spoke to me more than some others. As a son and a father who was traumatized as a kid, I initially didn’t know how to love unconditionally as a son. My stepfather helped show me how to do so because he loved me unconditionally. Be it when I’m on my best behavior or when I eff up somewhere, Roland’s always been there for me. That’s helped me become a better human. The evolving relationship Jae and his father have reminds me a lot of my relationship with my stepfather. People grow and change.

Check out the track below and support dope music in all its forms. Also, be sure to love those around you.

Speed on the Beat

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