Andre Jahnoi and Jayder Present “Another Black Boy (Run)” and “Processed”

“Another Black Boy (Run)” is the epitome of conscious rap. Lyrically sound AF, Andre Jahnoi and Jayder hop on The Pharcyde’s “Runnin'” instrumental and proceed to do something pretty awesome. “ABB” was created to explore the “mindset and complexities” of being Black and being “part of the African diaspora” in areas such as Europe and America. I love love love the lyrics here and the introspection, as well as the socially consciousness of it all. Plus, “Runnin'” has always been at the top of my favorite Dilla beats since first hearing the song back as a kid and tween.

Another track the duo has is “Processed.” This one keeps some of the same energies as “ABB,” but goes more towards the lo-fi rap/heavy DIY sort of vibe. I appreciate the lyrics here and the jazzy production as well as the lyricism here. It’s a beautiful track, one that should make you want to peep the rest of the EP (which, for obvious reasons, is only on SoundCloud at the moment).

Tracks like these are why I still wake up twenty-plus years in the game, ready to talk about dope music in all its forms. So, check out the EP these feature on, Long Lost, and support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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