Je’Vel’s ‘Alchemy’ is an Intriguing Mix

To perform alchemy means you take something basic and turn it into something excellent and amazing. In medieval times, the purpose of alchemy was to turn base elements into gold. However, the protoscience laid the groundwork for chemistry. Singer/rapper/songwriter Je’Vel’s Alchemy takes somewhat melancholy topics, such as fakes and phonies as well as working to gain traction and makes something magical out of it all. While everything that glitters isn’t always gold, Je’Vel’s mindset and lyrics feature the artist creating beautiful and bright.

I first received the songs “Bounce Back” and “My Turn” via SubmitHub. I enjoyed them enough that I needed to check out the whole project–as you should. It’s a beautiful blend of love, maturation and pretty much everything you need to make a whole lifetime of incredible lyrics and vocals. So, if you’re like me and you’re intrigued by this quick writeup, check out the project proper and support dope music in all its forms. Also, be sure to be on the lookout for what Je’Vel does in the future. The sound is amazing and the vocals are equally diverse.

Speed on the Beat

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