Emilio Rojas Presents “Green Card”

Emilio Rojas’ “Green Cards” is exactly the type of song needed in these wild times. Rojas, a Venezuelan-American artist, details his experiences as an immigrant and takes a stand for those like him. He also states that, in reality, the only color that should matter is green. In other words, forget racism and ignorance and let’s get this bread. We know it doesn’t work like that, at least not always, but it’d be damned nice if it did. Honestly, we’d all be better off if we put the prejudices aside and worked together.

It helps that the song is a bop on the beat side of things and the bars are great as well. However, I feel like I would’ve posted this one even if it wasn’t barred up. That’s mainly just because I’m in an extra “eff racism” sort of mode today (as you may’ve seen from my IG posts).

Anyways, before I get too deep, let’s get back to the song.

“Green Cards” is slated to appear on Rojas’ Breaking Point 2, along with the track of his I featured earlier in the month. I’m here for this sort of revolutionary music, as it’s for the hustlers as much as it is for the scholars and revolutionaries. The album is slated to be a slice out of Rojas’ life, so check it out when it drops. For now, check out “Green Cards” above and support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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