lys scott Presents ‘Squashed Dreams and Broken Wings’

Above, we’ve got the first track from lys scott’s Squashed Dreams and Broken Wings, “flowerchild.” I initially discovered scott while compiling music for Vol. 78 of Quickies with her song “big shot.” I love her style, as she reminds me a bit of the homie Lex Rush. That’s especially because both their flows feel like a mix between 2010s hip-hop and Golden Age rap. However, there’s nothing dated about either of their BARS, as both are fully entrenched in what it means to be someone living in the 2020s.

During the pandemic, lys (full name Alyssa Scott) started writing even more, specifically in a journal. These journal entries became the basis of Squashed Dreams. I’m here for that sort of thing, because I’ve been there, using a journal to sort of emotions and feelings.

The first-generation Thai American pours everything about her experience into her music. From her mental health, her coming out as a member of the LGBTQ+ community to her ethnic background, the project is unabashedly about who scott is as a person. Because of this, we get is a helluva project that starts bar-heavy with “flowerchild,” gets introspective without alienating the audience/making things seem as if they could only happen to scott, and closes in a way that’s triumphant and hopeful for the future. I also love that, for all the serious moments, there’s also a healthy dose of fun (something that we all need more of) and nostalgia.

The project is a solid listen, one that helps you get into scott’s mind without invading her privacy/her growing peace of mind. I wholeheartedly recommend this one if you’re dealing with mental health concerns, growing into your own person or just want some BARS for the ride home from work. I’m excited to see what scott does in the future, but her future seems bright. Check out the project above and support dope music in all its forms.

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