Kijhreemy Presents Late October

Kijhreemy is like a young Big KRIT. It, perhaps, isn’t fair to compare Kijhreemy to one of my all-time favorite artist. However, when I first heard him, all I could think of was KWH and R4.

That’s because throughout Kijhreemy’s album, Late October, he’s soulful but has a swagger to him that screams “I’m not new to this.” On top of that, like KRIT, he gives us soul food lyrics over buttery and thumping beats all at once. From the beginning, with “Focus,” we get hard-hitting lyrics that feel like a sermon. That is, one that’s not condemning you but trying to get you in the mood/mindset to do right and do better. To top it all off, he then gets introspective. That’s right before he makes songs for the ladies to feel good about (and their partners to play for them). All in all, the rhymesayer delivers a project I didn’t know I’d be writing about until he hit my line with “Focus” and “Soul Proud, Soul Smile.”

Those two tracks are standouts on an impressive effort, as they show the range of skill this artist has with his words and bars. He refuses, again like KRIT, to be boxed into one singular category. Instead, he lets his creativity fly free and we’re better for it. If you want to see what all the fuss I’m making is about, check out Late October above and please remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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