Mostafa Tackles Mental Health and Its Effect on Relationships with “YOU”

On Mostafa’s “YOU,” the artist talks about a romantic relationship that went awry because of past traumas. The accompanying video is very powerful because it shows how “broken” someone can be and how broken up someone can be after a breakup with someone with a mental health “issue.” That’s especially after dealing with someone’s mental health concerns for a while and seeing them crumble before you. I have been in that situation, thinking that I was a burden to people around me.

However, now I know that I am not–but it took a while for me to heal. Thankfully, the person that I am with is very understanding. Love can be a powerful thing, especially when used correctly. That’s especially true when someone has a mental health concern. This song is also for anyone who’s felt less than because of their mental health situations, either as the affected or the affectee. You are not alone. Keep pushing.

The video is also about healing after a situation like this and it’s a testament to the human will and human spirit. Plus, it looks so amazing. If you’re intrigued, I recommend checking out the song. This is the second of Mostafa’s series of powerful singles. I’m intrigued to see where he goes next. Check out the song above and support dope music in all its forms

Speed on the Beat

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