Sydmac’s “The Promise” is a Discussion on Fathers

Sydmac’s relationship with his father was seemingly, in a way or two, complicated. However, that relationship helped shape Syd as an artist and a person. I can definitely relate to that. I can also relate to people who aren’t your biological parent(s) stepping up and filling that void, as that’s what happened with my stepfather Roland.

That said, though he had a (ever so slightly) complicated relationship, there was still love there. A lot of love, in fact. You can hear that bhe tone of this one isn’t “I hate my father” at all. It’s equally conflicted and celebratory, quizzical and awe-struck. That’s obviously more than I can say about my own relationship with my biological, but this isn’t about me.

Production-wise, I love the soulful production, as it allows Sydmac to spill his soul on the track. It’s definitely one for the Black fathers and the Black kids who have fathers, but may have a few wrinkles to iron out. If you love them, do so before they’re gone. Heck, even if you and them don’t get along that well, try to get things situated with them. Unless there’s infinite amounts of bad blood between you, you should appreciate your biological parents.

Check it out below and support dope music in all its forms. This one should be on other DSPs shortly.

Speed on the Beat

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