Imani Wj Wright Presents the Melancholy “So I Thought”

I’m slightly familiar with Imani Wj Wright, given we’re both (technically) from the Baltimore music scene. However, he’s a whole decade younger than me. So, he’s probably more in the know about some of the more-recent acts–Baltimore and otherwise–than I do. The 24-year-old multihypenate reminds me of myself in some ways. Namely, he’s a writer and an artist and a bunch of other things. If you haven’t checked out his site, you should do so; he’s got a lot of great content. He’s also, again, a pretty accomplished artist, working with artists such as H.E.R. and performing at the Kennedy Center back in August 2019. In other words, he knows his ish.

As familiar as I am with Wright’s endeavors, I had not heard “So I Thought” until recently. Actually, I hadn’t heard it until today. Sorry. Things have been chaotic for me these last few years. Anyhow, the song is a beautifully-done melancholy look at the dissolution of a relationship. The relationship in question didn’t just up and end. Most relationship don’t, if we’re being real. In this one, things had been festering within it for a while, ultimately leading the its end. The way the Wright laments about both parties’ part in its end, it’s amazing. The production is minimalistic, which allows Wright’s voice to weave the song’s narrative precisely and emotionally.

Given that today is pretty rainy in the DMV (remnants of Tropical Storm Nicole), this is the perfect song to sit back, vibe with and think about your own relationships. Are they worth working out the kinks or are they too far gone? Mine’s pretty solid, but my previous one had a lot of ups and downs. This isn’t about me, though. Wright’s song has been streamed at least 100,000 times since its release. So go add to that, check it out above and support dope music in all its forms.

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