Cindy Zhang’s ‘Song for Rainy Days’ is an Incredible Listen

I got re-introduced to Cindy Zhang’s latest album through the title track. I say re-introduced because I’ve had the chance to check out a song or two from the album beforehand. The entire album is chockful of love–and all the complications and interesting things that can arise because of it. I love that the album conceptually portrays the cycle of love, from meeting to ending, from breakup to healing. It’s an incredible listen, especially if you’re willing to take the ride with the singer/songwriter. Modern romance is honestly a bit tricky. You think you’ve got it all figured out then BOOM! Something happens and you’re starting over. Either that or you’re happy forever with your significant other and roll with the punches when things get a bit wonky.

Zhang’s vocals are sweet yet powerful. They’re smooth yet have a weight to them that is reminiscent of soul singers from the past. Plus, they’re amazing to hear and even more amazing to have these thoughts and feelings put into words. If you’re in the mood for a beautifully-done concept album (including a cover of “Plastic Love,”) check it out above and support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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