Cash Comes In Bunches for NighLawn and 3ohBlack

Granted, I’m a month after from this one’s initial release, which is funny because Songs For 3 drops in exactly a month. On top of that, Forever Leo Szn–a/k/a Songs For 4–drops January 9th (a special day for me for several reasons). Anyway, this ain’t about me. Not today, anyways. We’re here to talk NighLawn, Virginian artist extraordinaire.

NighLawn’s been one of my favorite artists since I first came across her through, I believe, NishoSoul. It may’ve been Nature Boi, too. Whomever introduced me to Lawn, thank you. Otherwise, I may’ve not found one of my favorites. She can rap rap, she can do the melodic thing, she can talk her sh*t about “typical rapper things” without getting overly crass. The twenty-something artist’s been one to watch since she started IMO. Her latest, “Cash Comin’ In,” keeps that same energy.

More of a mainstream-friendly offering from Lawn and 3ohBlack, “Cash” is one of those “let’s get this money and turn up” sort of tracks. However, it’s also one that does that topic in a uniquely DMV sort of way. If you like your rap with a healthy helping of DMV-centric money talk, this one’s for you. Both Black and Lawn show out on this one, especially over the thumping beat of the song. I also have to give props on the visuals, as they’re very clean and aesthetically pleasing.

Check this one out above and support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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