Matt Nye and Young Noble Speak on Something in Their Souls on New Song

This song? Bruh, this song is freaking amazing. From the vocals from Mark Vasquez on the hook to Nye and Outlawz member Young Noble, everything hits. The song is almost spiritual and is very therapeutic to hear. Matt Nye always comes with the fire, but this one feels even more hot than usual.

One line that stuck out to me was when Nye said “Tupac raised me, my heroes turned to fossils/Like I ain’t meet Jesus but I’m hanging with his Apostles.” I felt that, especially as a child of the 80s and 90s. Too many of our rap–and non-rap–heroes have died over the years. It can leave you with a feeling of “damn, is it even worth it to like something when it’ll probably be gone tomorrow?” It’s also like rap fans get close to an artist, only to have them die off or be murdered.

While he doesn’t speak on specific situations aside from Pac, I couldn’t help think about artists Nipsey Hussle, Young Dolph and Takeoff. Three young men who tried to be inspirational to their brethren and the world around them, gunned down for no real reason besides some petty bullsh*t. It sucks, for real, when you see your heroes (or someone you rock with) die. It sucks even worse when said heroes (or person you rock with) are killed or die young.

Y’all, we’ve got to do better. No one should really be on an RIP shirt before they hit old age, unless they die for something medical or a freak accident. Other than that? All this BS gotta stop. Anyway, before I get too preachy, check out the song below and support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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