Kosha Dillz Rises Up on New Song

Kosha Dillz has been making waves recently with his anti-anti-Semitism songs, including a track about Kanye and his ignorance. On “Rise Up,” the Jewish rapper gives us a boombap track that combats anti-Semitism and is also a song about standing up for yourself. The visuals are pretty solid as well, as they feature Dillz in his element (in the studio) and feature the artist talking about a variety of topics. They all lead back to the way anti-Semitism (and racism as a whole) has seemingly exploded over the last decade or so.

As a Black man, I felt the message. I mean, I wouldn’t want someone to try to make me feel less than because of the color of my skin or my belief system. Why should we do it to Jewish people? Heck, we’re all marginalized–unless you’re a rich white man who wants to make America “great again.” Almost all of the Jewish individuals I’ve come across in my 34+ years of life, they’ve just been regular middle-class Americans who want the same stuff as any marginalized group. I also don’t/can’t subscribe to the whole “Jews run the media” conspiracy, mainly because there aren’t all that many pro-Jewish characters on TV or in movies. Most characters are white and Christian (or Black and sla–never mind).

Anyway, as a student of the hip-hop game, I appreciate the way Dillz went about putting the message together. It’s a thumping track that hits you in the chest with its message. Check out “Rise Up” below and support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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