The Soul Motivators Say “It Is What It Is”

I love retro soul music that doesn’t just give us old-school vibes. I mean, I tend to pass on those types of songs. That’s only because, if I wanted pure retro soul, I’d just go to Spotify and play some Motown, Al Green, etc. Anyways, before you think I’m throwing shade at some of the submissions I’ve gotten over the years, “It Is What It Is” is one of those “old meets new” songs. Featuring powerhouse vocals from Shahi, “IIWII” gives listeners a mix between neo-soul and that old-school Motown vibe.

If you want your vintage music to have a swagger seen in more modern tracks, this one is for you. If you need a song to keep you motivated–even when things get dark–this is for you. After all, even when things go awry…it is what it is. You can either stew over it in perpetuity or bounce back after a reflective period and keep doing the damn thing. I know that all too well. Thankfully, I’ve got people like Ashley, my friends and my kids in my life to keep me pushing forward. Check it out below and support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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