BREIS and KINETIK Get the Newselph Treatment on “Those Were The Days”

When the good folks over at Illect hit me up with a track, I immediately give it a listen, then say “I want to write about this.” Heck, if they do it on SubmitHub, I may skip the listen altogether at first and automatically say “yep, this is what I want on SOTB.” That’s because, with their vast knowledge of hip-hop and the fact they constantly pay homage to the originators and OGs of the rap game, they know their stuff.

The latest Newselph remix, as there’ve been a lot, finds the Canadian producer giving us dope beats for UK artists BREIS and KINETIK to speak about the past over. The production is, as always, top-tier. The lyrics are as well, as they’re heavy on the storytelling element and heavy on the nostalgia (without being hokey). Overall, it’s a great collaboration, one that I’d love to hear more of. If you want some recent hip-hop that feels like it’d be right at home in the mid-1990s, check this one out above and support dope music in all its forms. If you want more Newselph production, check out his If It Ain’t Broke, Remix It project.

Speed on the Beat

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