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SOTBMusic: TBT – Cooley’s "Hallway"

DMV artist Cooley has popped on my radar a few times over the years. His 2017 project Hallway hit streaming platforms over the past few months and, since it’s TBT, it’s a good time to talk the title track of Hallway. It’s grimy and abrasive, almost like something from IDK. However, instead of just apeing IDK’s […]

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SOTBNerdy: Shaman King

Back during the end of my middle school years, I started getting more into anime and manga. Granted, I always had anime fascinations; Dragon Ball Z‘s Ocean Dub, along with stuff like Pokemon and Gundam Wing kept me enthralled with their stories. However, it wasn’t until I hit puberty that my, to borrow a term from Bennett […]

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WIRTB Review: Albert Belle in Baltimore

The Albert Belle acquisition is one that, as an Orioles lifer, has both kept me up at night on ocassion and brought joy to me when it was still on the books. It’s a pretty polarizing chapter in Orioles history. On top of that, I know I wasn’t supposed to “like” Belle, especially since, quite […]

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Lex Rush – Unbridled Enthusiasm EP Review

A few weeks ago, I interviewed New York lyricist and former Terp Lex Rush. Yesterday, the EP in question, Unbridled Enthusiasm, released. The collection comes in at about twenty-one minutes, and is a collection of tracks Lex held in the stash (or remastered) over the years. It has a legitimate “90s” feel (think Joey Bada$$ meets […]

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