Gerry Skrillz and Marvs Give a “Piece of Mind”

Above, we’ve got the latest from the LA-based duo of Gerry Skrillz (the bars) and Marvs (the beat). The result, “Piece of Mind,” features Skrillz speaking on a variety of issues. From confronting “hard truths” about oneself to seeking a way to thrive rather than repeat “the cycle of just surviving,” the song’s got a lot going for it over its almost-three-minute runtime. I enjoy this song because it’s lyrically sound and features a lot of contemplative bars. I mean, who doesn’t wonder if they’re doing their best work–whether it be in music, a vanilla job or just in life in general? I know I sure do, and it’s that question of “am I doing enough” that keeps me pushing for greatness. Check out the song above and remember to support dope music in all its forms. Skrillz and Marvs are aiming to have this kick off “a busy year of releases that feature a voice of hope…and stellar production.” I think that, if the songs they’ve got cooking are anything like “POM,” they’ll have a bright year ahead of them.

Speed on the Beat

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