Matt Hatt Presents the Sobering “addictions”

Addiction is something that runs rampant throughout the world. It’s also something that’s a part of my own story. As I’ve probably mentioned, my father was a raging alcoholic, like a stereotypical violent drunk on some “beat everyone with my metal can” sort of sh*t. On top of that, growing up in the 80s and 90s, you see what drug abuse can do to a person. Anyway, some people can’t deal with substances in a responsible way. This isn’t to shame people with substance abuse problems, of course. It’s just a truth. Matt Hatt speaks on these problems, including his own, on “addictions.” A four-part song about addiction, Hatt walks us through his own journey with substance abuse while also relating it to the rest of humanity. I love this song because of its honesty and its flow switching up every eight or so bars. Check it out and support dope music in all its forms. Also, it doesn’t make you weak to seek help for substance abuse. Hell, it doesn’t make you weak if you have a substance abuse problem. What makes you weak in that instance is if you don’t seek help. That’s just my opinion, though.

Speed on the Beat

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