The Lord Razu and Icy Blue Discuss “Toxic Relationships”

Love can be a game. However, what happens when that game goes left and it becomes less about having fun and more about “winning” at love? As The Lord Razu and Icy Blue discuss, that’s when love becomes toxic. Equally parts cynical towards love and reassuring that not all love ends toxically, “Toxic Relationships” features the duo outlining ways love can sicken someone.

The visuals feature Razu and Blue playing a game of chess as the song plays in the background, symbolic of the idea that love can be a game. Both Razu and Blue are mostly stonefaced throughout their game, which catches your eye and hammers home the point that, in the wrong setting, love can become a strategic endeavor to destroy your partner. That said, no one really wants that and TLR and Icy Blue try to also offer ways to improve one’s love life. When juxtaposed with images of various couples arguing, the song creates a dual-lensed look at love. It can be kind, but it can also be killer. Check out the song and visuals below and do the thing: support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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