888moment and SG SLAV Give Us “Tokyo Drill”

I think I know what you’re thinking. I think it’s something along the lines of “Speed’s posting drill?! Hell must’ve frozen over.” Nope, it’s still dark and Hell is (I assume) still hot. That said, I love to hear new sounds, vibes and something out of the ordinary with my music. 888moment and SG SLAV’s “Tokyo Drill” is pretty out of the ordinary, though it does have its foot staunchly placed in the drill subgenre. The main thing for me is that the lyrics aren’t really your typical drill lyrics. In fact, it tells a bit of a story to go along with its bars. Additionally, the beat, while having the drill drum pattern(s), it’s unique enough that I listened and started bobbing my head–kind of forgetting it was a drill song. See, drill doesn’t have to just be murder music or Ice Spice-like raunchiness (no shade; Ice Spice has a grasp of who she is and will be as an artist). Check out the track below, support dope music in all its forms and be on the lookout for this duo’s Demonz 2 project.

Speed on the Beat

Whatever you need to know about me, you can find out on speedonthebeat.com. Dad of two, cat dad (of two), mental health advocate, Team Support Dope Music in All Its Forms.

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