Carmen Nichole Reflects on “Imperfections”

We are all human. Therefore, we have things about us that aren’t exactly perfect. Yes, we’re made in God’s image. However, we sometimes have thoughts about ourselves about how we may not fall under the mainstream idea of “perfection.” The idea of “perfection” when it comes to Earthly things is pretty flawed and is devilish in some ways. But I digress.

The Southern-raised artist Carmen Nichole has an interesting story: after her father passed, she lost her voice. However, through the wonders of God’s healing embrace, she’s here today to sing and unite all of us perfectly imperfect people with song. I love this song because it’s like a mix of Lizzo and Erykah Badu. That is, she’s very blunt, but very soulful. You feel like like she’s talking to you and not at you (a recurring theme in some of the songs I’ve featured over the last few days). Nichole lets it be known that, even if some things aren’t exactly like they used to be, she’s still a ten and still wakes up in the morning and kicks a** (probably without the bubblegum part). I am here for that sort of message. I mean, I’m a chubby 5’7″ bald rapper guy. I look good, but there are folks who may look better. So what, though? The vibe of “Imperfections” is partly “love yourself for who you are” and partly “even if you’re not exactly where you want to be, eff it we ball.”

Check out the track below and support dope music in all its forms. Remember: God made you who you are. Even if you think you’re imperfect, you’re made in His image. And, as someone used to say me, “God don’t make no junk.”

Speed on the Beat

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