MELONYX Leave the Foolishness “At the Door” on Latest Song

MELONYX is a UK-based soul duo who keep the elements of English R&B singers going strong. On “At the Door,” the duo (courtesy of producer Joe Buhdha) flips the Lover’s Rock riddim to let it be known that they’re not going to be on some BS. They’re here for love and loving. They’re here for partnership and meeting halfway, not for one person ruling the day with a big ego. And they’re here to hear the other person out, not dominating the conversation. After all, as the duo sings, they’re leaving the egos and such at the door before they walk into any partnership.

It’s such a sensual and intellectually-sound song. It doesn’t sound like you need to take a shower afterwards because it was so unnecessarily sexual. Look, there’s a time and place for that. It’s just not meant for every song. With that in mind, I also love the visuals here as they remind me of an early-2000s video revamped for the 2020s. Check it all out below, be on the lookout for the duo’s debut album, Soul Glow, which drops in early July and support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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