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SOTBMusic Retrospective: A Motown Christmas

(Ed. Note: this piece was originally posted on in 2015) I am a nerd for the holiday season. I am a nerd for it, through and through. As soon as Thanksgiving is over–and most people are trampling over each other to get that new smart TV that’s only a couple dollars off from its […]

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New SOTBMusic: @AUGUST08 Drops Father

I may be doing AUGUST 08 a huge disservice for his project Father by just highlighting “Funeral,” and for that, I apologize. However, this song is as beautiful as it is haunting as hell. It’s one of those tracks that grabs you with its honesty and never lets you go. AUGUST’s entire project is like that. […]

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New SOTBMusic: @SinitusTempo Drops XXIX

Sinitus Tempo blessed us on the day the Lord blessed his folks with his birth. XXIX (or “Twenty-Nine,” for those who didn’t take Latin in middle school) is an eight-track collection of some beautiful music. Sinitus Tempo has, for years, been able to take on a beautiful landscape with his music. I mean, the man created […]

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