SOTBNerdy: Did I Waste My Time with ‘Gamers!’?

So…if you’re in the market for an older rom-com anime, is ‘Gamers!’ worth your time?

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SOTBNerdy: RPGs and Oldies

My weapon of choice. I am a gamer and a fan of dope music. That’s no secret. While I don’t game as much as I once did, I’ll still turn on my PS4 and get into a zone. Recently, though, I’ve started to play more mobile games and one thing I’ve found comfort in during […]

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In the annals of video game history, there are great games that utilize controversy and the like to bolster their stories. For instance, let’s talk Grand Theft Auto IV. While it was, for me, the worst game in the series, GTA IV‘s finale featured an “is blood really thicker than water?” choice between Niko’s cousin and girlfriend. I always […]

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