Late Night Movie Show (Independent)

In this world, you’re often given a choice. Either you can stew on negativity or take what you have to turn the page and bring about some sort of positive change. And while many cliches come to mind (you can’t make a cake without breaking some eggs is one of my favorites), it’s true that you must find light in the dark if you truly want to succeed in life.

Growing up in Baltimore, I saw some things. I heard some things. Baltimore is a city that’s pained from years of being ignored by its leaders–even when said leaders provide a response (mostly because it’s usually lackadaisical as all hell, just something to keep “Big Media” from saying that they didn’t say anything at all). Baltimore is a beautiful city that has constantly had its growth stymied by backstage shenanigans, people who don’t care about its potential, and more.

So, when I went out and started working on Baltimore Commercial Break: From Juke Joints to Greatness, I wanted to show that someone cares about Baltimore (and those who do care aren’t as few in numbers as the media et al would have you believe). I may not be as involved activist-wise as I used to be (kids and wanting to keep them safe from morons who strive to burn you alive does that to you). However, I do still have a voice and I want to use that voice to prompt change.

The song “Late Night Movie Show” is part “throwback” to those old-school movie blocks, yes. It’s an homage. However, it’s also a demand that we, as men and women, stand up and get our independence. Whatever that means for you, go get it–as long as you’re not constantly putting others in harm’s way to get it. That just defeats the purpose of rebelling for a just cause and ends up just making you a rebel just ’cause.

And no one wants to be a rebel just ’cause.

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