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SOTB for Bandcamp Friday

These are the quintessential SOTB albums. Check them out via Bandcamp today. Bandcamp is awesome and I don’t get pennies on the dollar for a purchase. Plus, artists I work with can get a cut of the revenue easier if I don’t have to divide $.0001 into an even smaller fraction.

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LegenDARy Artists: Tech N9ne (@TechN9ne)

(Ed. Note: As part of DefineaRevolution.com’s #DARMidwestWeek, expect to see some additional pieces on SpeedontheBeat.com. In this piece, I talk one of my influences, the legenDARy Tech N9ne) Tech N9ne is a legend. Controversial in some ways, but a legend. That much is given. I mean, hip-hop and otherwise, there haven’t been too many completely […]

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A Deeper Look into "iWitness"

About six years ago, during my senior year of college, I created several (super) no-fi mixtapes that, in some ways, were the root of the upcoming Baltimore Commercial Break¬†duology. On one of these tapes, GRADUATE F (God Really Agrees Dat Unless All Team-Up, Everybody Falls), I linked up with a friend of mine, Southern Child, […]

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