The 2015-16 Warriors COULD Beat the 72-10 Chicago Bulls, But…

Let’s start off by saying that Stephen Curry, while an amazing player, is still no Michael Jordan. For starters, Jordan, even with his early career injury, had it all but figured out from the jump. Curry took a little while to finally find his groove. Some would say it was after Monta Ellis was traded and Klay Thompson came into the picture. Others would say that it happened over the last year or so, as Golden State evolve to a team that could go over a quarter of the season with only one fluke loss. However, there’s one thing that Steph Curry has with his team’s arsenal that even Jordan didn’t.

Steph Curry’s 2015-2016 Golden State Warriors team has more Scottie Pippens.

In other words, while Jordan is still the better player, the Warriors’ supporting cast could very well lead teams on their own. I mean, for instance, Andre Iguodala led 76ers teams pretty much on his own. While this 76ers teams underwhelmed, that’s mostly because unlike the two teams in question, their supporting cast of players weren’t all that impressive.

And let’s not get into that bull about “oh, the 80s and 90s were more defensively inclined.” Checking the crap out of a team’s star player isn’t exactly defense. It’s more along the lines of laziness in some ways. That’s, of course, not to say that defense in the 72-10 era was lazier in total. It’s more that these days, players have to focus on every player, not just a Jordan or a Pippen. Steph Curry and the Warriors have weapons out the ying-yang, which could slow down the Bulls’ offensive and defensive strides.

However, even whith those knocks, I don’t flat out see Golden State just walking over the Bulls like, say, they probably would against this year’s 76ers (sorry, guys).


Well, even though Golden State has more “Pippens” than Chicago, Chicago has experience and versatility that many teams today can’t even match. They’ve big guys who can shoot (Toni Kukoc comes to mind), guards who can play bigger than their height (just like Golden State), and Chicago has the great equalizer of the trash-talking, GOAT-being Michael Jeffrey Jordan. Jordan has the ability to completely throw someone off their game with trash talk and straight up smothering defense at times.

You put that on Steph, who’s shown some hesitation with players like Jordan (hi LeBron), and you’ve got some issues for Golden State. If you take Curry off his game, as we’ve seen in real life, the Warriors could and do have trouble. And I’m not completely convinced that the Warriors, even with their multiple “Pippens,” would pull it out all of the time, like some pundits would like to believe.

Some of the time? Maybe. Curry’s a beast. But, I haven’t seen enough from Golden State en masse to say that their supporting cast could work against Jordan, Pippen, Rodman, and so on, every time out. So, there’s my fantasy booking. Golden State COULD win, but I don’t see them winning every time.

Let’s see how the Warriors handle the rest of this season and THEN, we can talk about them fully competing all of the time against that legendary Chicago team.

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