New SOTBMusic: Staasia Daniels Channels Issa Rae in "Peanut Butter" Visuals

Staasia Daniels is dope. Insecure is dope. So, what happens when you put their collective energies together? You get Staasia trying–and failing–to cook while getting to know a possible Mr. Right in “Peanut Butter.” From the opening through the ending of this “mini-sitcom,” I got so many Issa Dee vibes. The random horny-but-corny dude, the fails, the best friend who was more blunt than a Phillies, even down to Staasia hyping herself up in the mirror with some bars. Yes, the song is great and very sensual. However, the playful nature of the video helps relax things further. Instead of just your typical “sexy” video, we get some thought put into it to help us connect with Staasia’s plight to meet and enjoy bae. While things get hot and heavy by the end, the entire journey makes the payoff that much sweeter.

Now, I’m hungry.

So, check out the visuals to “Peanut Butter” below and remember to support dope music in all its forms

Speed on the Beat

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