New SOTBMusic: IDK is Trigger Happy

IDK’s been one of my favorite artists for…a while, back to his proto-IDK days when he still had a Jay in the front of his name. While “Shotty Mouth” and Sex, Drugs, and Homework (sorry for bringing them up, bruh) pale in comparison to his latest work, it’s amazing to see the growth from then until now. Today’s release, “Trigger Happy,” continues the trend of IDK cementing his place in hip-hop–and not just as part of the new school, either.

Sure, you could come for the Logic lines, but if you do, stay for the other three minutes, as you’d miss a helluva song without it. “Dude’s got bars” doesn’t really begin to summarize this one, which is equal parts throwback and new-era boombap. It starts off a bit jokey, with IDK singing. And then the beat proper drops and we get his with a “Za Warudo,” complete with bass drop. Once time starts again, IDK proceeds to eat the beat, as if he’s not even trying to burn the world. The fact that I Jojoked in this shows how much I rocked with it.

Check out the track above and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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