Jai Musiq’s Preeminent ‘2405 to Infinity EP’ Transforms Loss into Power [REVIEW]


Adversity can birth the greatest legends.

This isn’t to give a suggestion stating that trauma is a essential prerequisite to achieve everlasting success, but the lessons learned from situations that could have broken to you only sharpen you like the finest weaponry ever made from the harshest fires.

Let’s take it back to Atlanta, GA, not too long ago from the publishing of this article, when a phenomenal up and coming New Skool artist and his crew took up residence in a creative space called 2405 Fair Lane. Now, picture this same space of creatives catching fire and becoming uninhabitable while destroying all of the possessions of the crew and all of the music that they made.

This isn’t an intro of a Lifetime or BET movie; this is the real life tale of the dynamic, up and coming Memphis Artist Jai Musiq and his creative crew losing all that they built and still not faltering in their mission. The friends had to find a new place to live, but in their last gambit from the ashes births their newest collective effort, 2405 to Infinity EP.

What was saved from the fire, rises like a Phoenix through a project that represents the memories the crew created and the legacy that will last. 2405 to Infinity EP is a defining group effort, with the musical content from Jai Musiq and his crew matching the gravity of their powerful testimony.



1.) Who I Am:


“I swear you niggas ain’t never gonna understand me/Forever known as the nigga that you can’t be.” –Jai Musiq

To signal the crew’s gallant bounce back, the horns came out swinging from the very beginning of the song. Once again, the professional songwriting and verse lyricism does not disappoint and becomes a bop per usual business of Jai Musiq and the 2405 crew. As elucidated by this track, Jai Musiq keeps getting unbelievably and exponentially better and better like a Memphis Rap Goku, something that seems extremely inconceivable given Jai Musiq’s powerfully inspirational 2018 music run. The instrumental is quality and complimentary of Memphis’ new urban music scene, as e.pndz and Jai Musiq are in perfect sync with each other, trading verses that respectively ride the beat effortlessly.

2.) Can’t Slow Down:

“He said I need a Grammy by the time he get his Masters.” –Jai Musiq

In a mad tight transition, “Can’t Slow Down” shows that the entire collective definitely won’t be doing so anytime soon come hell or high water. Listening to Jai Musiq’s variety of flows, inflections and other upper echelon rap techniques, new fans and old fans can’t help to bop along like they’re hearing a young mixtape J.Cole relentlessly attack a beat again for the first time. Jai Musiq typically gives it his all, but the famous Lebron-D.Wade assist-dunk meme gains a direct music equivalent as Grandé delivers handily with his verse and punchlines. Grandé is able to rap a Wally West [The Flash] reference and talk about breaking a shorty’s back in one seamless parlay of a bar. As the base booms into the next track, it ain’t hard to tell that the entire crew will come with quality every time.

3.) It Gets Better:

“Swear to God, it gets better.” –Jai Musiq

Angelic and innocent, “It Gets Better” reminds me of The Internet song of the similar name. Released a single the Thursday prior to the release of 2405 to Infinity EP, the message of “It Gets Better” is also in the same inspirational sphere and thematic intent as The Internet’s “It Gets Better With Time”. Jai Musiq’s iteration is unique in the fact that Jai Musiq is able to have a candid conversation with the listener while speaking in an inspirational, making this more than a generic “you’ll get through it buddy!” song. He explains how the struggle is worth it, with the 2405 crew’s story as an obvious testimony. With Jai Musiq’s polished talent and artistry, there’s truly no path from here other than the radio!

4.) Innis B-tch:

“Innis B-tch” is a banger dedicated to the 2405 crew’s ability to make bangers, enter a scene and define the energy of that venue for the rest of the evening immediately with their steez. The beat is Yeehaw Agenda reminiscent, but its fits keenly into the composition. Bangers are not typically supposed to be lyrical, but Jai Musiq shows how lyricism and flow don’t have to be compromised in the execution of good music as Jai Musiq enters his Top 5 flows ever–and  best believe I mean that after listening to the cat for a brick now.

Experience the journey and brazen auras of creative Kings rising from the fire into modern musical excellence, with 2405 to Infinity EP, streaming on multiple platforms today.

Keep up with Jai Musiq on his social medias and watch for his continued meteoric rise in 2019.

Instagram and Twitter: @jaimusiq



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