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Sauce It Up and Make It Real For Me: Jai Musiq’s “It Is What It Is” Music Video and The Argument of Artistic Brand Delivery

I’ve been covering Jai Musiq since February 2018 and every season he evolves beyond any expectations I had of him and anyone currently on his same playing field in the music industry. Across the world daily, aspiring artists by the truck load forward their peers new music they create. For the record, shout out to […]

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New Music: The Dopeness I Missed This Week

Kanye isn’t the only one who’s has new music. First up, we’ve got a track from MRG, “How I Feel,” produced by Fortune. The track has a really cool ’90s feel with MRG hitting a pseudo-double-time. A “Ms. Right-for-Now” track is always cool for the weekend. Just make sure you choose wisely. Speaking of choosing […]

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