SOTB Music: Jai Musiq Taps into Higher Versatility with ’24U’

There’s few off days for titans. Jai Musiq knows how this feels without a doubt, never mincing in his progression as a stand-out Memphis artist. In May, he dropped off the passionately powerful and intimate ‘2405 To Infinity’ project. Recently, Jai Musiq warms up the Fall by dropping off two notable singles in a package called ’24U’ (read as “two for you”), ahead of his birthday, called “How Do You Feel” and “It Is What It Is”.


How Do You Feel:

Listening to “How Do You Feel” makes it hard to believe Jai Musiq is underground. The mainstream composition, mixing, and delivery all combine for a great coordinated attack. This track is candidly conversational in the same way of Jai Musiq’s recent work, showing his growing prowess as a songwriter. Jai Musiq is able to bend the everyday into something everlasting in the style of a young Memphis Avatar.


“Cause you give me a feeling I just can’t ignore, I can’t sit on the sidelines, no, not anymore”


The first verse addresses insecurities and relationship past. Later down the song, Jai Musiq teases a Marriage date in 2022. Shoot, that’s just as juicy as the-soon-to-come major record deal announcement! Jai Musiq floats on a “We’ll Be Fine” interpolation from Drake in a way that marvelously mixed with his own unique melody for the song. Since having it sent it to me, the hook has been stuck in my head like a radio hit, making me feel blessed to know a talent like Jai Musiq so ripe for success in the modern music industry.


It Is What It Is:


“Don’t make no plans that’s in God’s hands so I stay on my knees.”


Personally, “It Is What It Is” sounds very mainstream, even too mainstream as juxtaposed to Jai Musiq’s specific style, but this is okay. For a versatile artist that can’t be put into a box, sometimes it’s fine to release mainstream content in terms of composition. You can put out whatever rap content you want when you’re the shit in multiple areas and it’ll still slap like dealing with an out-of-line partnah for the final time.


“It Is What It Is” is an honest letter with a heavy attitude. It shows that Jai Musiq is a man who lives by the words he so poetically pens. This song is also one that is so professional in overall execution that it too could be sold for a high price for a major label artist. This is how hard Jai Musiq is coming on a local level.


You can stream the dual-package ’24U’ on multiple streaming platforms and you can read the official barred up original lyrics on Rap Genius.IMG_20191113_163815.jpg

Keep up with Jai Musiq on his social medias and watch for his continued meteoric rise in 2019 and beyond.

Instagram and Twitter: @jaimusiq



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