SOTBMusic: Olumide Travels to Houston for "BaaggUP"

Olumide has been on a run, but the PG native has stayed humble throughout his ascension. He knows he’s on a level beyond some of his contemporaries, but he’s more focused on honing his craft and experimenting to keep things fresh. He’s not slowing down, even as he’s reaching some pretty lofty heights.

His latest video, “BaaggUP,” features the artist’s track slowed down and smoked out (for those uninitiated, think chopped and screwed music). I grew up in an era where screw music first started getting mainstream recognition. During my high school days, I had a collection of chopped albums (Carter II‘s chopped and screwed version was amazing) and loved the sound because it was distinct and let me get a little peek into what made the 3rd Coast what it is.

With that in mind, “BaaggUP” automatically caught my attention because of this. The track is featured on his upcoming SloWeD DoWn AnD SmOkEd OuT EP, which serves as a appetizer for Olumide’s sophomore project, Maintain (which received a brief trailer at the end of the video). Visually, the video’s muted colors and hazy presentation serve it well as an homage to screw music. Check it out and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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