SOTBMusic: Android No.23 Says “We Not Linking” and I Feel That in My Soul

As I’ve said, I’m mad that I just found out about Android No.23 a little while ago. He’s an awesome artist and he’s pretty cool to talk to about non-music things as well. However, SOTB readers who love the Baltimore artist will never go hungry again from lack of my thoughts on his work. As long as he’s making it, I’m covering it. “We Not Linking” is the latest from him and from beginning to end, there’s an energy from it that I feel in my soul. And it’s not just because I’m an anti-social pessimist (thank you Alessia Cara)–although that does have a bit to do with it.

The song is equal parts “fuck you, Ima do what I wanna” and lyrical exercise. “Linking” deals with why Android No.23 is uncanny in his music, making sure we know there aren’t many out here like him, mixing styles and feelings as he does. It also explains why he and others, artists and otherwise, aren’t on the same wavelength. From the fact that his brother produced the beat to “Linking” to his Baltimore roots, he makes it clear that he’s okay with not being like others–or getting too close to them. Perhaps the anti-social pessimist thing works here as well.

While the production is slightly spacey and ominous, the lyrics are introspective and honest. The contradiction—and how it still works—illustrate why he’s an artist to keep your eye on. In putting everything together, he paints an impressive picture of his life. He’s carved out a lane in a world seemingly set up against him.

And that always has my respect. Check out “We Not Linking” below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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