SOTBMusic: Nellz GC and GMD Dev Link on Swamp Visuals

“I be so outta space, call it ‘Galaca,'” Nellz GC raps on his latest track, “Swamp.” The run that the Baltimore artist has been on over the past few weeks and months has kind of come out of nowhere–but knowing Nellz’s work ethic, it hasn’t and has been expected for some time. Above, you’ll find the latest visuals from the track. “Swamp,” which features GMD Dev, is a short track that is pretty radio-ready with its production, but still unique enough that it’ll stand out in a crowded “we gonna make it” arena of tracks. What it lacks in length, it makes up for in punchlines and energy.

The video finds the duo riding through Northeast Baltimore in a golf cart, interspersed with studio footage. Nellz and Dev go in on the beat with a precise, hitting flow that’s damn near breathless. When it punches in and out, you’ll get to feel what they’re getting at: they’re not to be fucked with because of the way they came up. It’s only made them more resilient and ready to do what they need to make their dreams a reality.

The tracks I’ve gotten from Baltimore artists over the years have been on point. My city is amazing AF, even through the gunsmoke that folks associate with Baltimore (please pay attention to that point). The creativity that exudes from the 410 never ceases to amaze me. As Nellz says, it must be something in the water. Check out the track above and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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